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The mission of Ascension Wellness is to improve the physical and emotional state of each person by providing correct and useful information about SPA Wellness.

A massage session is not only a pleasant process, but also useful in every way. The benefits of massage are truly multifaceted and complex. Thai massage was founded about 2500 years ago by a doctor from northern India named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a contemporary and friend of the Buddha, and a doctor for Buddhist monks. Thai massage is meditation. Relaxing music, aromatherapy, candles, the benevolent attitude of the massage therapist – everything contributes to harmony and meditative immersion. This is a kind of passive gymnastics and stretching. You will feel an increase in the general tone, both physical and mental, quite clearly after 1.5-2 hours. That is why many after the massage feel as if they were born again. Of course, massage is different, and back massage is very different from facial massage, but the result is always the same – benefit. Depending on the area of ​​influence, massage has a healing effect on a particular organ or organ system.

When it comes to SPA, many of us literally bask in pleasure: even one hour spent in a good salon can make the skin rested and fresh, and well-being – like after a long vacation. A variety of procedures combined with professional massage not only remove toxins from our body, but also relax the muscles of the whole body, soothe and give an incomparable feeling of lightness. Is it possible to recreate a spa at home? If desired, yes. Surf across our pages and enjoy!